Complex decision-making made
visual, engaging, simple and fast

on track!

Keep stakeholder
discussions on track
with a globally proven
prioritization proces!


Prioritization and Decision Support Software

Business Benefits

Globally Proven

A process used by organizations and nations across the globe

Engage Participants

Activate knowledge, share and learn from each other

Reach Consensus

Increase stakeholder acceptance and reduce decision iterations

Spend Wisely

Reduce spending on non-significant parameters

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Create a visual hierarchy of your criteria and sub criteria based on participant input.

Engage all participants in the prioritization. Share points of view and adjust priorities.

Get quantified results. PairWise will show your alternatives score for each of your criteria.

Proven Process for Collaborative Prioritization

Create visual criteria hierarchy

Start your decision-making process with a clear objective, e.g. "Find transport solution for meetings within the city". Then gather your team or stakeholders to clarify which criteria they think are important to choose the best alternative. Once the criteria list is complete, enter the data into the visual hierarchy editor in PairWise.

Discuss and weigh your criteria

PairWise will ask each participant a series of questions based on the criteria hierarchy. The participants answer using a visual indicator, and if the team is aligned, it can quickly move forward. When the participants disagree, take time to exchange points of view, insights and experience. Answers may then be adjusted or left as is.

Evaluate your alternatives

When the criteria are prioritized, PairWise will ask all participants to evaluate the alternatives (options) against each criteria. The system offers a well defined scale for the participants to apply, which makes it very transparent when to move on and when to exchange points of view and learn from each other.

Make your choice

PairWise presents all the alternatives in a "value for money" graph. This ultimately let's your team decide which alternative is the better choice for you. Remember, the value is calculated according to your organizations specific criteria, so a simple product/service may come out much better than the "bells and whistles" option.

Licenses with Positive ROI from Day One

Advisor License

5 concurrent decisions for use with your customers for € 199 only.

Business License

20 concurrent decisions for use with your organization € 1990 only.

Custom License

Feel free to contact us for any license requirements you may have.