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Once upon at time in the wild wild west..

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Once upon at time in the wild wild west..


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Proven process for collaborative prioritization

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Benefits og noed

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Create a visual hierarchy of your criteria and sub criteria based on participant input.

Engage all participants in the prioritization. Share points of view and adjust priorities.

Get quantified results. PairWise will show your alternatives score for each of your criteria.


Green Network is a consulting firm and business network with +150 partner companies specializing in building capacity within the field Corporate Social Responsibility.

When we use PairWise to support the decision-making at client meetings, executives and project teams become explicitly aware of the business value of each requirement, and as we follow the process, we thoroughly align participant expectations. This enables us to move forward faster without compromising the quality of the decision-making.

Thue Birk, CSR Rådgiver, Green Network

Our licenses are priced to move!

Advisor License

5 concurrent decisions for use with your customers for € 199 only.

Business License

20 concurrent decisions for use with your local organization €1990 only.

Custom License

Feel free to contact us for any license requirements you may have.